PRE SEED FUND FOCUSED ON mission driven entrepreneurs in EMERGING ECOSYSTEMS



We partner with founders at the earliest stages of the company prior to raising any institutional capital and focus on marketplaces, digital healthcare, AI, messaging platforms, mobile, IoT, inefficient industries, software and services.


We partner with founders who are product focused, scrappy, passionate and relentless. Our ideal founding team includes those who have product, design, development, sales and marketing experience.


We focus on mission driven entrepreneurs in emerging ecosystems including Southern California, the Midwest and the Mid Atlantic region and will opportunistically make investments in the Bay Area where we have a strong connection to the company.

What we offer?

Initial Capital

We provide initial funding to help launch product and gain initial traction.

Operations and Governance

We help you structure your company for success as well as support your HR, Legal, Financial needs.

Product Support

We accelerate product launch providing strategy, design and development support.


We help identify and recruit key hires.

Go to Market

We help refine your GTM and identify your core target demo.

Customer Acquisition and Sales

We work with you to attract initial users in your target market whether mobile, SMBs, large enterprises or other markets.


We connect you to business development partners, advisors, industry experts and other entrepreneurs.

Fund Raising

We make introductions and assist you with pitch development and refinement in the fund raising process.

We launched in 2014 to help you build a great company


Bong Dug Koh Founding Partner
Bong Doh Koh Technology Advisor
Bong Young Koh Healthcare Brother
Clark Landry Operating Advisor
Stephano Kim Operating Advisor
Chelsea Burkett Principal
Brian Ficho Associate Partner
James Smits Associate Partner
Joey Hawilo Associate Partner

Our team, investors and advisors have experience at and helped build:

Agrilyst Current · East Coast
Brand Networks Current · East Coast
Bringhub California · Current
Builders.VC Current · Midwest
Clora Current · East Coast
CREXi California · Current
FAMA California · Current
Freshtemp Exited · Midwest
Fluid Financial California · Current
GradientX California · Exited
Hologram Current · Midwest
Jetpack Workflow Current · Midwest
Kobunga Grill California · Current
Luxe Valet California · Exited
MuckerLab California · Current
OVGuide California · Exited
Regroup Therapy Current · Midwest
ReSci California · Current
Sapho California · Current
Say Media California · Current
Shift California · Exited
Simple Contacts Current · East Coast
Triggr Health Current · Midwest
Trim California · Current
Wellth Current · East Coast
Youbeo California · Current
Zofari California · Exited

Investors in our companies include:

We want to hear from you
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11845 West Olympic Blvd, Suite 1100W Los Angeles, CA 90064
Email us: team@kohfounders.com